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I've enjoyed reading your book very much.  My first impression is that it could be a made for TV movie. You are very descriptive. I feel like I am going on the journey with you.
- Rose Stipanov Lozano,
First Cousin.




"Looking for Greener Grass," is the story of my personal odyssey of growth and discovery.  It chronicles my quest to discover the true story of my Mexican roots and to find meaning and purpose in my life.  I had lived the first half of my life focused on the prevalent attitude in our society of wanting instant gratification and materialistic gain.  At the peak of my professional career I nearly died from a life threatening illness.  It took this life-changing experience of looking death in the face to wake me up and jar me out of my attitude of conformity and "going along with the program of life in America."   This forced me to make significant life style changes and forced me to the realization that I needed more fulfillment in my life than I had previously experienced.  As I became increasingly dissatisfied and disillusioned with my career, I also started to question our country's direction (the Iraq War, immigration policy, prejudice etc.).  It seemed as if my life and our country had both lost their direction.  I have always loved to study history.  At the height of my disillusionment the country was celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Corps of Discovery, Lewis and Clarks' journey to explore America.  This inspired me to embark on my own expedition of self-discovery.  This pilgrimage would take me through all 50 states, Mexico and Canada.  I would travel over 26,000 miles, mostly with only my dog, Dudley for company.  As each mile is traveled, layer after layer of truth is revealed.  My book takes readers on both a physical journey and a pilgrimage of spiritual self-discovery.  Along the way I would be hospitalized in Paducah, Kentucky, stranded in Mexico and lost in a great fog in South Dakota.  But, I also found my ancestral home and relatives that I never knew I had.  I explored the mystery of my family history and tried to understand why no one in my immediate family knew or cared about it.  In the end I gained inspiration from the whole truth of how both courageous people and villains helped carve a nation out of a wilderness.


Aztec (Mexica)Warrior -
to understand Mexico you must understand it is a mixture of Indian and Spanish culture
The Spanish Conquistador came to America to become rich by finding gold.  They also conquered because it was part of the Spanish culture to defeat enemies in the name of their king and queen.  Finally, they were warriors for their christian Catholic church in claiming converts.
The Spanish Caravel (ship) was 70 to 80 ft. long and 20 to 30 ft. wide(beam).  They carried between 20 and 30 crew members.  They were powered by the wind. and had from 3-5 sails.  The voyage accross the Atlantic took 20 - 35 days.
The Spanish brought their Catholic religion to the New World.  For the Indians, their pagan religions and gods were replaced by the Christian Church.  However, other religions were practised in Mexico as well.  Many exiled Jews came to America to find religious freedom.  The Lozano Family Tree is an example of those with a Jewish heritage.  The Spanish Inquisition followed the expelled Jews to America and Jews had to secretly practise their Jewish Faith or risk imprisonment or even death.